HUD Multifamily Property Sales

Dynaxys, LLC (Dynaxys) provides loan, property servicing, accounting and technology services to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). To learn more about Dynaxys click here.

In response to many requests from the public, HUD and Dynaxys have worked in partnership to compile the following list of multifamily projects (5 or more units) HUD has sold, either at foreclosure or from the HUD-owned inventory. The properties are listed in alphabetical order by state, and within state by city.  While most of these projects are apartment projects, the list also contains nursing homes, hospitals, vacant land, mobile home parks and retirement service centers. 


This information is being provided solely as a public service.  The information should not be used by potential purchasers as an indication of what any particular project may be sold for by HUD in the future.

All parties interested in purchasing a property at a HUD foreclosure or HUD-owned property sale are urged to perform due diligence in advance of submitting a bid.  They are expected to fully acquaint themselves with the advertised property, and to arrive at their own conclusions as to physical condition, number and occupancy of revenue producing units, estimates of operating costs, repair costs and any other factors bearing upon the valuation of the property.  HUD does not provide any financing for any sales.  Purchasers must provide for payment of the full purchase price in cash.  Bids for properties for sale can be considered for acceptance if submitted on the specific forms provided in the Bid Kit for the property.


This report is updated at the end of each month based on data from a variety of sources. Every attempt is made to verify the information, but neither HUD nor Dynaxys can guarantee its complete accuracy.

If you have questions about HUD multifamily sales, email HUD's multifamily disposition webmaster.

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